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We Are HSA/FSA Approved

Save up 30% of your pre-tax income!

We Are HSA/FSA Approved

Your payments could be eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement.

We've Partnered With TrueMed

Your future payments might be eligible for reimbursement through HSA/FSA funds. Exercise is medicine and can often count for tax-free spending - saving an average of 30%.

The Process Is Simple

We've always found it frustrating (and complicated) trying to use our HSA or FSA funds for essential items that should qualify. That's why we're working with TrueMed - a company devoted to driving HSA/FSA spending to products that are scientifically proven to improve metabolic health.

Work With A Trusted Leader

TrueMed will handle all the intricacies of using your HSA/FSA funds on your behalf, making the entire checkout process seamless and hassle-free.


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